Even if you're already sold on extending basic decency to farmed animals, there might still be some lingering questions about how exactly this initiative works, and what would happen when it is enacted. Below are answers to some of these questions.


Would this make animal agriculture illegal?


No. This initiative would not inherently make it illegal to perform simple practices such as collecting eggs from chickens or slaughtering livestock.

Does this ban the sale of meat, dairy, eggs, fur or leather?

No. This legislation does not impose any restrictions on retail in Colorado.    

Does this affect research, hunting or wildlife management?

No. The amended statute has not changed the current exemptions for research, wildlife nuisances, or statutes regulating wildlife and predator control.

Does this affect necessary veterinary care?

No. This does not impede the ability for any person to dispense care to an animal in the interest of improving that animal's health This does not affect standard procedures such as spaying or neutering that improve the animal's health.

Will this raise taxes?

The Colorado Legislative Council has predicted that the the initiative will require additional staffing at the Department of Agriculture to assist in the investigation of animal cruelty investigations. This is expected to increase the Department of Agriculture's annual budget by 0.36%. This estimated increase does not take into consideration changes in state revenue from violations of the statute or fee revenue from normal inspections.

Does this change the definition of animal cruelty in CO?

This will not change the definition of what acts constitute abandonment, abuse, neglect, or mistreatment. It does:

  1. Remove the cruelty to animals exemption for livestock

  2. Add in an exemption to ensure slaughter is still legal once the animal enters adulthood

  3. Remove a loophole in the definition of sexual act with an animal

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