About Ballot Initiative PAUSE



The initiative informally titled Protect Animals from Unnecessary Suffering and Exploitation, is a ballot initiative filed with the state of Colorado for the November 2022 midterm election. 

If enacted, the initiative would simply extend the most basic animal welfare rights that are granted to pets to all farmed animals. While the animal is alive, it must not be abandoned, abused, neglected, mistreated or sexually assaulted.

We believe there is no rational reason to exempt farmed animals from basic abuse laws that currently exist to protect our pets. To learn more, please see the full form initiative or our FAQs page

There is a lot of work ahead of us and a lot of money against any imposition of basic human kindness into the animal agriculture industry. Stand with us and help ensure animals are treated with dignity: join here


After seeing with our own eyes, thousands of chickens on a Colorado organic free range farm left without food and severely abused, we knew there was a discrepancy between the public image and the reality of some farms.


We sought to make use of some time in the pandemic to research the loopholes in the current animal cruelty laws that allow this to happen. We learned that animal agriculture is explicitly exempt from the entire animal cruelty section of the Colorado Revised Statutes (18-9-202).


The best initiative to write was clear and simple; extend the definition of animal cruelty to farmed animals. Exemptions were left in the statutes for slaughter, research, and wildlife.


The resulting ballot initiative seeks to legally require farms to treat their animals with some respect, and bring the reality closer to the idealistic image of what the average consumer hopes is the truth. 


The animal agriculture industry nationwide has shown the power of their money by passing the some of the most restrictive privacy laws of any industry. So we know we have an uphill battle ahead of us, but we know with even more conviction that the arc of history bends towards justice and compassion. Compassion is on our side for this campaign. 


Join us and leave your mark by standing up to protect all animals from unnecessary suffering and exploitation. 

See the full text of the initiative here for explicit details.